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Higher Education/K-12

I've spent over 10 years working in audio visual support, design and installation departments in higher education institutions.   I know firsthand what kinds of challenges these departments face, and I can help bring them to the next level.  From innovative system design, to streamlined project management, to refining the managerial and operational aspects of the department, let me help you and your staff today.  Are you in need of assistance designing tiered classroom AV technology standards, or incorporating active learning technology into a new classroom installation?  I can also help bring these services to K-12 technology support groups.  Take a look at my services page to find out what I can offer your department. 


My experience designing and installing user friendly, feature packed meeting room, office and digital signage AV systems can finally help you get presentation and conferencing technology out of the way of innovation in your office environment.  Spend less time fighting with the poorly designed AV system in your conference room, and more time working on the projects that need your attention.  Effectively reach your customers with a well designed digital signage strategy.  I can also help to refine the management and operation of your in-house AV support staff, ultimately saving you time and money. 

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